For serious & determined individuals only who are action takers and really want to change their life!
Tired of all the outdated, rehashed methods, loopholes  that never work or worked last in 1947? This is exactly what's working now in 2020 and beyond..
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The Affiliate Marketing Has Now CHANGED, It Doesn't work the way most gurus still teaches it... you know it.. Right?
It's just NOT easy anymore... Those days are long GONE... when you could just put together a decent page, add an article, link to an affiliate offer, run some ads, make 100s of sales and leave your job... 
"But Everyone Is Still Following The Same OLD & OUTDATED Methods & Strategies.."
  • The Competition Is All Time High
  • The Ads Costs Are All Time High
  • Most Methods Have Become OUTDATED...
  •  Most Courses Are Just Rehashed Crap & Outrageously Costly...
"And NOTHING is reeeally working!
You didn't do anything wrong, it's just the reality now..."
So, Is there a system or “hack” that actually work today and that can reeeeally help you to generate a full-time income online promoting other people products?
There is, and that’s exactly what this page is all about…
And Today I'll transform you from a Regular or Decent Affiliate... Into A Super Affiliate!
...While Building A Long-Term, Sustainable, Profitable & UNSHAKEABLE Business Online Promoting Other People Products!
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And Here's What People Say About My Products:
*Results Are NOT Typical.
Here's The Back Story Why It Even Exists...

Dear Fellow Marketers,

Hi, my name is Gaurab Borah. I am 28 yrs old from India. I am an average guy just like you. But my struggle was not average.

I come from a very middle class family and when I started out online in college, I had no money to invest, I used a 2nd hand laptop my dad got from his friend and I used to get a mere $50/m as an allowance.

I love my dad, he did his best…
“…But The Dreamer Inside Me Wanted A Different Life, Had Different Expectations, Had Bigger Dreams That Won’t Let Me Sleep At Night Or Day!”
And getting a job wasn’t really the answer. So after college, I left my job in early 2014 to purse my Internet marketing dream.

I did SEO – build sites, ranked them only for Google animals to take them down and lose all my efforts and hard work of months and months.

I did found out few loopholes, shortcuts but they wont last long and I would be back to 0 in 1-2 months.

I tried Affiliate marketing, CPA, Adsense, Youtube, Article marketing, PPC tons of different things, failed at most and made some money with few before I realised…
“All These Marketing Methods Are Tied Down Together, They Are An Eco-System Not Separate Or Individual Tactics!”
“There Are No Loopholes, No Shortcuts, Only Systems And The Best Way To Succeed Online Is Being CONSISTENT! ”

I bought tons of products, read articles, kept my eyes and ears open, followed what big guys are doing…

And I found 1 thing in common with most of them.

They were super confident…

They knew from where exactly they are going to make their next commissions…

They weren’t scared of any Google updates, bans, loopholes to be closed like me and most of us.

And the BIGGEST of all…
“They All Had An Email List!"
And They Leveraged Their Email List To Build Huge, Long-Term, UNSHAKEABLE Businesses!
That’s was the missing part I always looking for. This was my ‘AHA’ moment.

Because, once you have an email list you can virtually do anything.

You can send them high quality content to build a good rapport, increase your following, promote them affiliate offers, CPA offers, your own offers.

And can you do it unlimited number of times.

Pretty awesome right? Yes!

And once you have a pretty sizeable list, you don’t even need to buy traffic again and again…

Even if you do - your email list pay off for your traffic in just a few days.

But, it was easier said than done!
“In Last 5 Years, I Worked My A** Off, Implemented DOZENS Of Different List Building Strategies And Build A List Of Over 75,836 Subscribers!”
“And It Paid Off With A Consistent ($) 
6-Figure PER YEAR Income Now!”

It changed my life.

I helped  my father build his dream home. 

I bought a 3BHK apartment few months back.

I bought my dream car Mercedes CLA

I went on foreign vacations.

I got an office space at the heart of the best IT sector in the country.

It gave me the renewed confidence that no matter what, I will always have my email list, I will have my followers and I can always help them to help me make money online – whenever I want!
"Here's The TWIST - Change Is Inevitable"
List Building Has Changed, Affiliate Marketing Has Changed. Most Methods That Used To Work Then, Just Don't Work Anymore In 2020...
The Internet has evolved - old, outdated tricks, loopholes, secrets doesn't work anymore... 

There are chances that - you have bought various multiple courses, trainings, coaching, gave more than your 200%, worked your a** off trying to make it work... 

So that you can live that Internet Marketing lifestyle that you always dreamed off.. only to make few measly dollars.

And then you feel like it's all a Scam, it's all a lie, Affiliate marketing doesn't work... it's okie, it's normal.
It's NOT Your Fault!!! I Have Been There...

The TRUTH is - Affiliate Marketing still "WORK"..

But other GURUs are feeding you with Bad, outdated information that used to work in 1947 and NOT ANYMORE...

I had the same problem... All my working methods STOPPED working..

Google Banned All My Sites...

Facebook Banned My Ad Accounts

Paypal Banned my Payment Account...

Even my sites were hacked and deleted

Not just that... No matter what I did, how hard I try, how closely I follow all those gurus, I won't get sales for my affiliate promotions... 

Even if I did make few sales, it was too short term...

I started feeling depressed, I started questioning myself, I wasn't confident of myself anymore... 

Then, I decided to take things into my own hands... 
After lots of hit and trails, watching closely whats really working and making sales, learning from some of the best marketers in the world today... 

I build my OWN METHOD - and I started implementing it into my business, my results exploded and I have perfected it to the core now. This is something that NO ONE else's is doing, no one else is teaching and this is all you need to... 

"Build A Long Term, Sustainable, Profitable & Unshakeable Business Online"

Now I Want To Help More People Like Me, I Want To Make A Difference, I Want To Share My Exact Strategies With You!
Because I was so pissed of seeing my friends and other marketers fail, seeing others giving their all for nothing... 

...and I don't want you to feel the same pain or experience the same struggles that I faced

And That's why I created the... 
"My Exact Strategies To Build A Long Term, Sustainable, Profitable & Unshakeable Business Online Promoting Other People Products!"
(SNEAK PEEK) Here's What You'll Learn Inside This Value Packed & NEVER Seen Before Video Training...
How the system works? The top-level view of the method that we are going to implement and what you can expect in the coming sessions. 

Why it's important to build a strong base and how we will achieve it with this training.
(Value $27)
Why it's important to pick a niche that you love or passionate about or have a strong interest in? Why most newbie affiliate fails? 

How to make sure you're getting into the right & profitable niche. 3 most profitable and evergreen niches online. What niches to pick?
(Value $27)
The Top 5 Affiliate Networks that should get into! How to find the hottest selling offers? How to make sure they convert? 

How to get your links approved to start promoting? I will 
take you through each affiliate network and help you find the best offers.
(Value $37)
How to stand out from all the other average affiliate out there? Crush the competition with these strategies, they will be confused how you're able to make sales at ease. 

How to build a magnetic personal brand that you can leverage for lifetime.
(Value $47)
How to put everything you learned together and create a persona that people love and look up to and buy your recommendations.

The simple strategy to convert visitors and leads into sales with our value driven funnel. How to effortlessly sell anything you want. The subtle art of selling without selling.
(Value $67)
The NEW Traffic Way
Why what you know about the traffic is outdated? The EYE-OPENING truth about getting traffic. How I get Free traffic on demand? 

What steps you should take to build a consistent traffic machine for your business? If you take this module seriously you'll never run out of traffic ever again.
(Value $67)
And much more!

You'll receive a step by step video course with some of most amazing content packed in that you've ever seen - with none of the fluff and filler we've come to expect from most products today.

I want you to be successful right out of the gate with this system, therefore when you get No Selling Profits today, you get these special Bonuses absolutely FREE!
Uncover the secrets to winning those huge affiliate contest, even if you don't have a massive list. Find out how the super affiliates win again and again, and how you can beat them at their own game. 

Discover the secrets to building a list while you promote that next mega launch. Learn how you can use the tortoise and hare method to get those top prizes!
(Value $47)
New To Internet Marketing? This is one of the easiest way to make quick affiliate commissions leveraging product launch buzz. You can even make your 1st sale in less than 24 hours. Inside I will show you in detail the exact strategy, the tools I used, and the results I and my students get. 
(Value $27)
I will give you 10 DFY email promo campaigns that you can use to promote any offers in Top 10 Internet marketing niche. They are designed in a way that you need to just add your affiliate links, make few changes and BOOM!
(Value $97)
One very important thing I need you to understand is - this is a serious and professional course that’s based on my real life results, not just any other rehashed crap put together to make a quick buck online.
  •  This is NOT for marketers looking for a miracle.         (Sorry but you keep looking for that or a 1-click software, then you are bound to fail. PERIOD!)
  •   This is NOT for lazy marketers.         (You will have to put in work, especially at the beginning, but you follow along and you'll see that it's easier than you think! Then as you begin making money things just get easier and easier!)
  • This is NOT for excuse-makers, cry-babies, serial-refunders, losers, or blood-sucking mosquitoes.....
This is for ambitious, responsible, resourceful and self-motivated individuals.

The only way this is going to work is if you're an action-taker who wants to be successful.

The best part is - all these strategies and methods might take you months or years to figure out, even then you might get it wrong. But you can skip all that, bank on my knowledge and start implementing these strategies today.

Most guys who are doing it don't even talk about it. They don't want you to know that there is a EASIER and QUICKER way to build these highly profitable buyers list... because they want to keep it for themselves.
"But Why I Am Doing This?"

Firstly, I genuinely want to help you - I have seen it all. I have seen all the crap. 

Making money online need not be hard, need not be confusing. You just need a proven plan and I want to give it you.
Secondly, I have sold over 60k copies of my product and I know for a fact that only 10% of those actually take some kind of action. And only 10% of those 10% actually take complete action  i.e. 1%  ONLY.

 And I want to find these people and work with them and grow together.
Truth Be Told I Shouldn’t Charge Less Than $297... Here’s Why:
Because, the potential is insane and the method is really different from anything you’ve ever experienced in any other list building course.

Even if I charge $497 and you can make that back this month (and you can) it’s well worth it.

"But let’s be honest, I can’t do that."

I can’t do that because I know you may be thinking what If it doesn’t work for me, and I paid you $297 for this video course?"

I want to make this a no brainer so you can get it ASAP and start working and getting results quickly."
Lock In Your Special DISCOUNTED Price During This Launch Phase:
"I CANNOT Guarantee You Get Results, BUT Here’s What I Can Guarantee…"
Listen, every sales page hides their “fine print” somewhere so that you won’t notice it, and then play that card in your communications with them.

Not me, nah-ah.

I just want to get it out of my chest and say it as it is. This is NOT a “get rich quick” scheme and my results are NOT typical.

We cannot guarantee you will even get any results. HOWEVER, what I can guarantee is that I did my best to make this information so damn good so that you will have the biggest chance of getting results.

And we sure as hell hope you will get BETTER results than I did. I want to help people therefore I want SERIOUS ACTION TAKERS.

We want fighters that will fight until they will become rich.

These are the type of people we will help.

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So, all the risk is on me, not you...

Only thing you need to do is, implement the system, give your best, don't lose your focus and no one can stop you from becoming a Super Affiliate and building an UNSHAKEABLE business that you always dreamed of.

I will see you on the next page.

All The Best
7-Figure Entreprenuer
P.S: This video course contains my accumulated wisdom, strategies, tactics and knowledge I've built up over last 5 years.

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DISCLOSURE: The sales figures stated above are my personal sales figures. Please understand my results are not typical, I'm not implying you will duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). I have the benefit of practicing affiliate marketing and selling digital products for 5 years, and have an established following as a result. The average person who buys any "how to" information gets little to no results. I am using these references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT GET THIS TRAINING..

The training lasts about 90 minutes and I'll be recommended few products that helped me and help run my business and if you don't want to buy them, you can leave without buying anything. The training will be holding NOTHING back and you will be able to implement what you learn right away on your own.